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Spice Up Your S£x Tonight With These Hot S£x Tricks In Town

Clint Bling

Nov. 16, 2019

1. Talk to her
Are you looking for elaborate techniques that will shock her? All these will matter if you perfectly know her turn-ons, the things she responds to perfectly well and most importantly the things she cannot stand. So tonight in a relaxed mood and setting, try initiating a conversation about what she likes and take mental notes.
Encourage her to get into more specific areas like: Does she like being dominated? What makes her come the hardest? What does she fantasize about doing the most? She'll be giving you some good news you can use in stimulating her and turning her on and this will enable you gather valuable information on how you can conduct yourself when things get underway and you'll have stimulated her biggest s£xual organ, her brain, and been better in bed even before laying a hand on each other. 
2. Take more time
Most women prefer a prolonged session of kissing and above-the-clothes caressing and groping because it greatly heightens their levels of s£xual arousal therefore increasing the amount of natural vaginal lubricant they produce. You can get her all juiced up even before running your fingers in between her legs and this will really pay. If you see her rubbing her thighs together and spreading her legs, or grabbing your hand and placing it in her crotch, just know that a successful s£x session is practically in the bag and be ready for the best s£x of your life. 
3. Stimulate her erogenous zones
Men and women have far more erogenous zones than the few and obvious ones we always fixate on. You can stimulate her by encouraging her to think about what she likes the most. Give more attention as well to her ears, neck, fingers, wrists, feet, scalp, and male tonight's session an all-body experience she'll be yearning for everytime.
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