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Last Words Murdered KDF Wife Told Mother [VIDEO]


Nov. 16, 2019

Bodies believed to be of a KDF major's estranged wife, Joyce Syombua and her two children Shanice Maua and Prince Michael, who went missing on October 26, 2019, were found.
The three bodies were found in a shallow grave within Thingithu Estate in Nanyuki on Saturday, November 16, 2019.
Elizabeth Maua, Syombua's mother told Citizen TV that she had warned her daughter against travelling to Nanyuki to visit the KDF officer, a day before she went missing.
"On Thursday, Joyce told me that Peter had sent them fare to go and visit him in Nanyuki and added that they would travel on Friday. I got a bit sceptical and asked her why she had decided to go to Nanyuki instead of Peter visiting the children in Nairobi.
"She told me not to complicate issues, citing that the court order gave Peter visitation rights. I requested her to be careful," she narrated.
Elizabeth added that Michael, the youngest of the children, had previously disclosed that their father wanted to kill him.
Syombua’s mother went to Soweto Police Station to report that her daughter was missing, and her friend, identified as Farizana made the same report at Nanyuki Police station.
Police investigations were launched immediately after and Syombua's phone was found a day later inside a 4NTE matatu.
Reports also indicate that Syombua and Mugure, who had been in an on-and-off relationship for 13 years, had an agreement that allowed the husband access to the children after the court granted his wife sole custody.
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