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In Maraga’s Defense: Lawyers Pledge To Protest [VIDEO]


Nov. 07, 2019

For the second day running the standoff of the judiciary budget cut was on the president’s agenda. Kenyatta who appeared to have been arched by the Chief Justice David Maraga’s outburst on Monday, called for a truce to resolve the stalemate.
Pressure however continues to mount on the executive to release 5 billion shillings as requested by the Chief Justice on Monday. The law Society of Kenya is under pressure to mobilize layers to hold street protest countrywide to safeguard the independence of the judiciary.
A meeting set for Thursday this week between the National treasury and the judiciary to end the stalemate flopped after Maraga decided to go public with his frustrations.Treasury is now awaiting a directive on the matter.
The justice and legal committee has already faulted the national treasury for violating the law by slashing the budget terming it as the mandate of parliament.
Lawyers say if the crisis persists, a judicial shutdown looks imminent. Already transport and fear cost for Judiciary has been affected and so is the suspension of 53 mobile courts, suspension of court of appeal settings in four counties, affecting  large cases which some of them are more than 10 years. The digital transformation of the Judiciary through the digitization of court records has also not been spared.
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