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WE ARE SORRY: Moses Kuria Apologises To Kenyans For Lying About Its Economy


Nov. 06, 2019

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria
On Tuesday 5th November Moses Kuria made stunning revelations that the legislature has been lying to the Kenyans for the past 7 years.
The Gatundu South Member of parliament who sits at the Budget Committee admitted that they have been in a position to say no to the ballooning depts in the country but did nothing.
“The reason we are in this hole is because as parliament we could have said No but we said Yes. So, on behalf of Parliament, on behalf of the budget committee, I want to offer my unqualified apology to the people of this nation since as the people they trusted on the ballot we have failed them by selling them lies that everything is well,” said Kuria.
Moses Kuria openly admitted that they have failed Kenyans in their oversight responsibility and for that reason tabled an apology to Kenyans.
According to Moses Kuria, the economy is bleeding and it is the government  who have caused this economic disarray.
“We have got people like World Bank, they have offered loans for 1%, but because world bank, ADB and the other Multi-national lenders have no opportunities for kickbacks, we have refused their money and gone for 9% and 10% money.” Said Moses Kuria
Recently, Central Bank of Kenya’s weekly bulletin showed that the country’s public debt expanded by 15.2 per cent to hit Sh5.89 trillion from Sh5.039 trillion in June 2018, as Treasury plunged into the credit market to fund infrastructural projects.
This means debt owed by every Kenyan, also known as debt per capita, has increased three-fold to Sh115,690 in June this year from Sh42,215 when President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed the embattled economist to control the country’s purse strings in 2013.
A statement by National Treasury on revenues and exchequer issues published in July 2019’s  Gazette notice showed that the country incurred Sh975.8 billion loans in the 2018/19 financial year.
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