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“We Are Tired Of Being The Punching Bags”CJ Maraga Declares He Will Not Allow Judiciary Vetting


Nov. 05, 2019

Chief Justice David Maraga and his quorum at a past hearing
Speaking on an unprecedented presser on Monday 4th November, Chief Justice David Maraga made it clear that he will not allow the judiciary to be vetted yet again.
“They are even bragging that they want the Judges and Magistrates to be vetted, lemme tell you, I will not allow that to happen”
Addressing the issue on the Judiciary Budget cut, angry Maraga pointed out that the judiciary had been vetted twice already, and if he has to allow a third vetting then it has to happen country wide and other arms of government to be vetted first.
“It will only happen if it is done country wide, and because we have been vetted twice, let it start from the other arms of government before they come to the judiciary” CJ Maraga said.
Maraga continued by saying that the Judiciary is tired of being the punching bag all the time. Since the Judiciary is not interested with interfering with the business of other arms of Government, Maraga wonders why the Executive, and the Legislature is interfering and interested with their affairs.
According to Maraga, the government wants to control the Judiciary and treat the judiciary as their puppet.
“You want me to tell you why they are interested with the Judiciary? they want to control the judiciary; they want to make the judiciary their puppet”
Concerning the government and the Law, Maraga points out that the government should be the first one to obey the law as no one is above the law. The Government should not be leading by impunity instead obey the law.
~Scooper Original
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