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SHOCKING! Unapologetic Ngunjiri Asks President Uhuru To Get Rid Of Ruto


Sept. 18, 2019

Nyeri Town Parliament Member Ngunjiri Wambugu further fuelled animosity within an already split Jubilee Party by stating that the working relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, is ' dead. '
The vocal legislator also chided the deputy president for moving  around the nation to initiate 'development' projects to go against the directive of President Kenyatta.
Nginjiri expressed his concern over the widening rift in the Jubilee party, claiming that DP Ruto is acting against the interests of the president and must be kicked out of government.
“In my option what the president was saying at that moment he talked about Ruto Tanga tanga, was a friendly warning to his assistant,” Wambugu said.
Nginjiri further asserted that the relationship between the president and deputy was quickly deteriorating due to Ruto's focus on the 2022 elections while the president is keen to deliver on the promises he made Kenyans in the run up to the 2017 elections.
“Because you are politicizing the development people won’t support your political position, they don’t accept it,” added Wambugu.
Wambugu, who was speaking on K24’s Punchline, said going forward the unity of the Jubilee Party “entirely depends” on the DP’s actions.
The legislator claims that Ruto's tanga tanga group is busy throwing shade at the president and his al;ies for initiating the BBI that is geared towards improving the relationships between Kenyans with differing political opinions. A process Ngunjiri fully supports, saying it will foster peace and national cohesion.
“We have a split because one group is campaigning for the Deputy President for 2022 and we have one team that is saying we have a president right now,” Ngunjiri added.
Ngunjiri is allied to the kieleweke section of the Jubilee party that is in support of the 'handhsake between Uhuru and Raila while Ruto and the tanga tanga brigade have launched attacks at Raila, claiming he is chasing personal interests. Ngunjiri has urged Kenyans to hold their leaders accountable for the promises they made and forget abut 2022 politics.
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