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'Raging Eurosceptic’ David Cameron confronted on ‘800 pages of anti-EU talk’ in memoirs


Sept. 16, 2019

DAVID CAMERON was attacked for coming across as a “raging eurosceptic” in his book despite campaigning to Remain in the EU.
During his interview with ITV’s Tom Brady, David Cameron was confronted for seemingly struggling to say “anything good about the EU” over 800 pages. Mr Cameron defended this and insisted that he was in favour of EU reform but against leaving the EU entirely via Brexit. Mr Brady said: “Let’s tackle the elephant in the room here and that is the current state of British politics and how we got here.
“One of the things that did surprise, in 800 pages of your book, is you come across as a raging Eurosceptic.”
Mr Cameron replied: “I think I have been remarkably consistent in my political career on this issue.
“I have always believed that Britain is better off in the EU.
“This is because we have to be sitting around the table that sets the rules for our biggest market.”
Mr Brady interrupted to emphasise again that it appears in 800 pages Mr Cameron appears to have “nothing good to say about the EU".
He added: “You mentioned roaming charges and cheap flights I will give you that.
“But then you arguing that we should stay, it is just surprising.”
The Former Prime Minister said: “I don’t think that is a fair reflection.
“The way that the EU came together to put sanctions on Iran, a huge success led by Britain.
“The way that we came together to put pressure on Russia over the Ukraine a huge success for the EU.
“Crucially this issue about the single market, which Britain helped to create, my sense has always been, no matter how many frustrations you have with the EU.
“It is in our national interest to be at the table setting the rules.”
The ITV interviewer added that in his book Mr Cameron’s EU “frustrations” appeared endless and accused him of arguing to Remain in the EU despite not believe in strongly.”
The former Tory leader explained: “No, we needed reform.
“At no stage in my political career did I think that leaving was the right answer”
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