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50 Cent Has More Clap Backs ‘Ready’ If Wendy Williams Disses Him When Her Show Returns

Joseph Michael

Sept. 14, 2019

50 Cent is gearing up for Wendy Williams’ new season of her talk show and he’s making sure he’s prepared in case she decides to extend their feud by saying things about him during the episodes.
50 Cent , 44, and Wendy Williams , 55, have made headlines in the past for publicly dissing each other and although many people thought they were possibly squashing their well-known feud due to a recent challenge that had them saying nice things about each other, it turns out 50 is prepared for more disses if need be. The rapper recently took to Instagram on Sept. 12 to take another dig at Wendy with an eye-catching photoshopped post and now that Wendy’s talk show is about to start a new season, he’s ready to fight back with more disses if the outspoken host decides to talk about him on her show.
“ 50 will let Wendy do what she wants to do, he is in a position where he knows that he will have any clap back needed and ready if she ever goes after him, especially when her show comes back next week,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife . “It makes him happy to know that he gets under her skin and will always be on her case. It is what 50 does and what makes him happy. To make Wendy have to deal with what he says gives him quite the joy. He will never stop.”
50’s latest photo diss made it apparent that he wasn’t ready to stop, but Wendy has been keeping quiet for the time being as she continues to observe his behavior. “Wendy is not surprised that 50 Cent took another shot at her but she isn’t bothered,” a previous source EXCLUSIVELY told us . “She was pretty much expecting it because she knows he likes going back and forth with her.” In fact, Wendy is starting to think 50 may even be a bit “obsessed” with her! “It’s starting to seem like he’s a little obsessed with her and Wendy’s actually starting to enjoy the attention from him,” the source continued. “If 50 thinks he’s upsetting her, he’s way wrong.”
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