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Who Is Using Money To Finish Ruto Politically


Sept. 13, 2019

 Member of Parliament for Kiharu  Ndindi Nyoro exposed the chief financier behind Kieleweke team.
During an interview on Citizen Tv NewsNight on Tuesday evening, the legislator named Interior Permanent Secretary Karanja Kibicho as the man who funds Kieleweke movement. 
“I can tell you and anyone who has a different opinion can even take me to court. Kieleweke is funded by PS Kibicho” stated Nyoro.
The Mp called  his arrest as purely political saying he was being punished for supporting Deputy President William Ruto
As he excluded President Uhuru Kenyatta from his troubles, Nyoro blamed Kibicho for allowing himself to be used to punish those who were supporting the DP.
“My crooked arrest must have come from an individual but I cannot give a unwise mockery  to the government that we fought for. I have an issue with a few people who are misusing the powers they have been given, Kibicho is punishing me for supporting Ruto” cried out Nyoro.
“I want to tell our Interior PS Kibicho, because I know what am saying, mimi sio mjinga and I know what I am saying is something I can substantiate, please let us not put  our police force in political issues,” he further said.
He further defended his supporters who had stopped the police from arresting him saying if indeed they were goons as speculated, then they would have been arrested.
“The electorate of Kiharu, men and women who could not stand the embarrassment that was caused” he observed.
Nyoro didn't keep silent  concerning his sentiments of selling Raila Odinga in Central Kenya. He blamed  Maina Kamanda of always warning them to get prepared for Raila Odinga’s presidency in 2022.
“It is not an issue to sell any candidate in Mt.Kenya. The Kieleweke team including Maina Kamanda have always told us “Huyu Raila Odinga ndie rais wenyu.Get used to him earlier,” he stated.
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