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Why MCAs' Bad Behavior Demeans Their Offices


Sept. 12, 2019

Frequent fist fights in county assemblies, explains how unprofessional our MCAs are. Questions arise if they are really fit for the job. But not all MCAs are involved in these misconducts, just a few who cannot solve issues in a democratic way and therefore turning county assemblies in to a battle field. The notorious trend to sought issues through fisticuffs is worrying.
On Tuesday, MCAs fought in Kisumu County assembly as they sought to pick a new speaker following Onyango Oloo's mentioning in the Lake Basin Mall case. Disagreements between the MCAs turned chaotic as they engaged in fights the left some of them seriously injured.
The fights reflect a bad picture to people who are supposed to be role models in the society. Leadership is all about principally and tolerance of diverse opinion and restraint even when provoked. Therefore, the bottom line is that leaders should carry themselves as leaders. MCAs’ misconducts are painting a bad image in the county’s leadership leading it into disrepute.
MCAs should understand the qualities of a good leader. Carrying yourself with decorum is one of the characteristics of a good leader.
Those found guilty of misconducts should face the law and act as an example to others. We as voters deserve better than being treated to these shameless acts.
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