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B&M is selling a ‘How you Doin’ doormat for just £8 – and Friends fans are going wild
Carolyne lenaiyas|Aug. 09, 2019
FRIENDS fans are going wild for a doormat which says Joey’s infamous catchphrase ‘how you doin?’.
The sitcom may have ended more than a decade ago, but it’s still as popular as ever.
The slogans, characters and catchphrases have made their way onto everything from clothing to homeware.
And now Joey, aka Matt Le Blanc’s, infamous pick-up line has also made the cut.
Friends fans are going wild for a £7.99 doormat which says ‘how you doin’?’, written in the classic sitcom font.
The store uploaded a snap of the mat to its Instagram page, where it’s been liked nearly 4,000 times.
They captioned the image: “Verified. Did you know Joey only said "How you doin'?" less than 20 times on the show?
“Now you can say it every day with our NEW Friends doormat.”
Shoppers are in disbelief over the stats, but are in love with the homemare must-have all the same.
Commenting on the post, one person said: “I need this in my life!!”
Another fan wrote: “Look at this doormat!”
A third commented: “I’m going to get this.”
But this person said: “20 times!! That’s not true, surely!!
“I think you need to watch them all and do a tally!!”
As B&M doesn't sell online, you'll have to head to your nearest store to grab one.
Meanwhile an unearthed Friends script reveals Ross and Rachel move to Paris - together.
Other eagle-eyed fans spotted the phone in Monica’s apartment wasn’t plugged in while Phoebe was on hold for two days.
Plus there’s a theory about the very first episode, The One Where It All Began, which claims to reveal why Ross and Rachel had such a rocky relationship.
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