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This "Handy" Magic Trick Will Leave You In Disbelief
Kwesi ghana|Aug. 08, 2019
An optical illusion featuring two hands has recently captivated a good chunk of the internet as people try to wrap their minds around how exactly this magic trick was pulled off!
Magic tricks and optical illusions are making a huge comeback and when pulled off smoothly enough, they shine brightly on social media. People love to see things that look impossible. Watching something take shape before your very eyes that seems to defy logic can be a thrilling feeling and is usually a welcome change to mix things up from our normal ho-hum routines .
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via Digg
But in the era of digital video editing, it's easy enough to pass optical illusions off as slight of hand (on a mouse and trackpad). However, a recently posted video, one that is making the internet check their sanity, seems pretty legit. Be sure to watch the trick for yourself as photos do not do justice to this optical illusion. According to Digg , it's recommended to watch this handy trick at 1/8th speed but... you'll probably agree with us that even when the video is slowed down, it's still mighty difficult to figure out just how this wizard pulled this off.
To our eyes, it appears as though the light blue cuff on the person's sweater is enlarged... almost as if the sweater was made or bought to accustom a person with an abnormally large hand. But then when the trick is revealed, it seems as though the cuff on the sweater is a normal size for the person's hand.
via Digg
But maybe that's just us. We don't know how this person managed to create this optical illusion but watching this does make many of us ache to pick up our childhood magic kits again. The appeal of learning magic tricks is very high for children because we don't yet know how difficult they really are to pull off successfully. We know better now and while still cool to look at, trying to figure this one out just makes our brains hurt. How about you?
After watching the video, we'd love to know what you think of it! If you have this optical illusion figured out, will you please let us know by giving us a hand in the comments?
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