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8 Tips to Keep Long-Distance Relationships Alive During COVID

K Sammy

Sept. 16, 2020

In This Article Dating over video calls Focus on sexual wellness Send gifts to each other Leave romantic voice notes Write your partner a letter Do things together over a video call Celebrate random occasions Surprise your partner
No one could have anticipated 2020 to look like this. Slightly deformed, little haggard but mostly just sad!
It has gotten us becoming more cynical each day. We did baking for a while, but now the baking essentials that we ordered from amazon in the craze of the moment are sitting in the corner of the top shelf looking as sad as this year.
The same thing happened with our workout routine, gardening, reading, and even binging on our favorite show over and over again. The only thing that is holding us from not getting up in the morning (like ever) is work (who would have thought!) and the people we love .
But, if you are in a long-distance relationship , 2020 is definitely harder. With the distance and no physical presence for almost a year takes its toll.
As someone said rightly, we need to take care of love as we would take care of the tiny little houseplant growing leaves and stems every single day.
This article is for the people who are in a long-distance relationship during this pandemic ..
Read on for some vital tips for long-distance relationships, and rekindle the lost spark in your relationship.
1. Dating over video calls
This is probably one of the most obvious long-distance date ideas. But, what we generally forget is to do it as frequently as we would go on a physical date.
So, here comes the reminder!
If you are reading this blog, schedule a video call date right away. And if you get to the point where you can’t think of anything to talk about (since no hanky panky to fill the silences) over the virtual date, play a game .
We all need the adrenaline once a while. And it helps rekindle the spark, just the way we have been dreaming about.
2. Focus on sexual wellness
Sexual wellness is one of the less talked about, but an important aspect of a long-distance relationship.
It is obvious for the sexual frustration to build up during virtual dating.  And, we need a healthy way of handling it.
There are tons of sexual wellness apps and also numerous ways to handle it. Download the apps, read it, and also make your partner a part of it.
Maybe even read erotic stories together. Or watch a steamy movie.
Watching a movie together while you connect on Duo in another tab on your system is a pretty great way of spending time with each other.
3. Send gifts to each other
But first, learn what they have been interested in lately. Baking? Painting? Reading books? And make a contribution to their hobby or hobbies.
It will keep the paint from drying off unused and the books from gathering dust!
A full-hearted gift will be a good motivation for your partner to continue doing what they truly love. So, be that motivation for the person you love.
You can look for thoughtful gifts for long-distance couples on the internet and choose the one that defines your relationship the best.
4. Leave romantic voice notes
If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can leave romantic voice notes on their phone when they are least expecting it. Or even an unexpected sweet call or text can make their day.
And this is really important: when you know they are having a particularly bad day.
Comforting voice notes,  a quick call, or sweet texts throughout the day would make them feel loved and supported throughout the day.
5. Write your partner a letter
Type it out on email, and hit send. Pour your heart out. Tell them what you are feeling.
We often lack words while talking. But in writing, most people are eloquent. Use that to your advantage and let them know how much you miss them.
Appreciate each other .
The pandemic can be devastating to one’s mind and a little appreciation from the people who matter to you can go a long way in keeping the negativity at bay.
6. Do things together over a video call
While you are in a long-distance relationship, you can cook together, read together, and even do the most mundane things together.
It wards off the loneliness and gives you a sense of togetherness.
Virtual dates don’t always have to be about eating dinner while talking. Doing many other things together with your partner has a charm of its own.
7. Celebrate random occasions
Even the cheesiest ones or the funny one—plan for it.
Send your partner a gift for the occasion. Have a virtual dinner date.
You can even tidy up your house and light some candles. A good reason to change the sheets, isn’t it?
8. Surprise your partner
Surprises don’t need a special occasion. But, it is likely that your partner’s birthday or your first kiss anniversary or your first date anniversary will be during the lockdown.
Even if you can’t be present physically, arrange a virtual birthday party, invite their friends. Send gifts.
And the upside of surprising someone virtually is that it’s very easy to keep the surprise a secret. So, use it. And, make them the happiest when they are not expecting it.
Get your birthday caps (send some to their friends too), get the beer and the music, and do a zoom call. Plan it like you would plan a pandemic-less birthday party. Put in the effort.
All these sweet little gestures count a lot in long-distance relationships.
Wrapping up
A relationship, long-distance or not, should strive to achieve growth. Personal and for your relationship. And these little things matter the most in doing so. Especially at a time like this.
And especially if you are staying away from each other. We are hoping you found this article helpful and one that makes sense above all else.
Let us survive the hard times, and let us help each other do it.
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