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Kazi Mtaani Youth To Be Paid Immediately, Housing PS Charles Hinga Says

Wama KE

Aug. 06, 2020

The first group of workers in the Kazi Mtaani programme will begin getting the final payment today (Thursday), the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has announced. It will cover the final payment for work done from July 20 to 27. Principal Secretary Charles Hinga said the payments will be made by mobile money transfer. “We are aware of workers whose payments have not gone through due to problems with their lines,” Mr Hinga said.
“Some employees submitted numbers that were not registered on M-Pesa while others did not match with the identification numbers used during registration.” In such instances, the affected workers will be required to fill indemnity forms for payments to be effected through alternative numbers presented. The ministry has been running the programme in more than 1,000 settlements across the country. Phase two of the project began on July 13, using the daily-work-for-wages approach. Under this approach, some 283,210 employees were divided into two groups, working a shift of 11 days each in one month.
Pay for days worked
The recruits are paid only for the days they report to work. The daily rates are Sh455 for a worker and Sh505 for a supervisor. According to media reports, the first cohort in Uasin Gishu County received less pay than was expected. The ministry recently said in the past few days, the programme has been making payments to the first cohort for the first-week job covered between July 13 and 17. Activities in Uasin Gishu began on July 15 and payments were processed for the work done between July 15 and 17. “We would like to say that any Kazi Mtaani recruit who worked for three days should have received Sh1,365 in total while those who worked for two days were paid Sh910,” the ministry said in a statement.
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