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Thrifty woman turns boring IKEA counter into marble-effect dressing table of her dreams for FREE using B&M samples


Aug. 04, 2020

IF money were no object, every surface in our home would be marble - we're talking kitchen counters, sideboards and, most importantly, our dressing tables.
But as we all know, this fashionable finish comes at a price -and a very high one at that.
That said, one savvy DIY fan has revealed how she revamped her boring IKEA dressing table using a marble B&M wallpaper sample - and it looks as good as the real thing.
Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK , the woman explained how the desk makeover didn't actually cost her a penny.
She wrote: "I already had the white IKEA desk but was getting bored of it."
But rather than buying a new one, the DIY fan decided to try giving it a simple update first.
"I got a sample piece of wallpaper from B&M and put it underneath the glass," she added. "It looks so much better!"
The woman then finished off her dressing table set-up by adding a mirror, her makeup brushes and a pretty plant on the top.
Her post has racked up almost 1,000 "likes" in the group - and people were blown away by how easy it is to do.
One replied: "Looks fantastic! Especially with that amazing wallpaper."
Another added: "Never thought of that! Was just thinking how dirty mine was getting from makeup etc."
A third wrote: "I put family pictures under mine."
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