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This Louis Vuitton "Bathroom Slippers" Cost N280,000---Would You Buy It?


Aug. 04, 2020

A Twitter user shared the photo of a Louis Vuitton slippers that cost N280,000.
The designer slippers mimics the normal bathroom slippers Nigerians wear which cost less than N500.
Many have reacted to the outrageous amount of the Louis Vuitton slippers with funny comments.
Read a few below.
Nah this kin slippers I go wear with suit
My God don't wear flip flops.
280k for dunlop?? When I'm not mad and Aba boys are still alive???
If person vex you and run away, how can you stone the person 280K?
Must be same one peter wore when he walked on water
Is this not normal bathroom slippers
How much be fairly used Corolla?
when I find out my brother used my 280k dunlop to go and buy agege bread
I will never be poor in this life...AMEN!!
Shey the last 2zeros na mistake?
Someone will now wear it to play ball and it cuts
Oyinbo dey do us day light yahoo and our guys dey do dem mid night yahoo, 50-50 no cheating
Am I marching to paradise
how much is the leg i want to wear it on
If you had the money, would you buy it?
WATCH THIS--Making Louis Vuitton Flip Flops
"For Ordinary Peg?"– Nigerians React As Fashion Store Display Pegs As Earrings For N170,000
In the same vein, an online fashion store has been mocked by many Nigerians after they displayed what we know as clothes peg as an earring set that cost $440 (170,000 Naira).
The Nobo clip earring which obviously looks like a peg used in pinning washed clothes after spreading them on a line was placed to be sold at a surprising sum of $440.
Reacting to this, Nigerians trolled the fashion store for selling ‘clothes peg’ for N170,000 and began marketing their home used pegs at a lesser price.
Many said that they already have so many pegs at home and they will likely bring them out and wear them on their ears instead of purchasing an earring for such amount.
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