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GRUESOME: 14-year-old Boy Eaten Alive By Crocodile As Remains Found Inside Its Belly


Aug. 04, 2020

People are in horror as REMAINS of a fourteen-year-old boy have been pulled from inside a crocodile's belly after he was snatched by the predator & eaten alive six days ago.
The victim, identified as Ricky Ganya was last seen collecting snails on a riverbank in Kuching, Malaysia, on Friday, when the croc pounced, clamped its jaws on his ankle and dragged him underwater.
He was dragged underwater by the reptile after it leapt from the water and clamped its jaws around his foot.
See below: The moment the crocodile's stomach is ripped open
Search and rescue teams caught the 15ft-long saltwater crocodile two miles from the jetty near the place the boy was reported missing. 
The victim was attacked on July 26, and his family filed a missing person report, but the boy's aunt said she saw the reptile dragging him into the water.
She called for help and the emergency services arrived. 
They then used a chicken as bait to lure the 14ft croc out of the water.
But it took until today to snare it and drag it onshore to recover the teenager’s body. 
The reptile's stomach was then cut open and inside clothes belonging to Ricky were found as well as his body parts.
See graphic photo below:
An officer from the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Operations Center said: "At about 9:15am, the crocodile took the bait, a chicken, attached to a hook laid by a team at a spot about three miles away from where the boy was last seen. Watch the horrific video below:
''The crocodile was pulled onto the shore where its stomach was checked. 
“Sadly, there were human remains inside and these were identified as belonging to the missing teenager.''
The boy's remains were taken home by the family for him to be given a funeral in their village.
See below: Gruesome footage shows the crocodile being sliced open
In June a crocodile pounced on a 45-year-old woman while she was fishing in a river in North Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Gruesome footage went viral online shows locals cutting open the crocodile's stomach and removing her limbs. 
Her severed head and other body parts were later found nearby having been discarded by the crocodile.
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