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INTERESTING!! Security Officials Confiscate Vehicles Full Of Guns At A Registration Centre

Naa Ayorkor Laryea

July. 26, 2020

Two cars filled with guns have been confiscated at a registration centre at Ajumako in the Central Region.
The said cars, a silver Luxus SUV with the registration number GG 1000-20 and unregistered pickup were seized by vigilant security personnel.
The report says, Security officials received a tip-off of some people carrying weapons and therefore conducted a swoop on all vehicles within the registration centre.
The security officials during the search found guns and ammunition in the vehicles forcing them to arrest the occupants in the two vehicles.
The two vehicles and suspects are currently in police custody.
 Since this voters registration started there have been reports of violence at most registration centres.
 But it is very shameful that every election year the country must experience violence.
 What at all are politicians who hire thugs to do these dirty works hope to achieve.
 The educated one’s who are supposed to lead intelligently are rather behaving as though they are illiterates.
 A member of parliament gave warning shots at a registration centre at Kasoa.
 A young graduate was stabbed to death after a clash between thugs at a registration centre at Northern region among other violence.
It is with a lot of shame that I say Ghana will remain a poor country if the leaders do not do anything about this violence.
 Well, how will they be bored if their children are schooling and living abroad under great care whiles the wards of other people are used for the dirty job.
 For the thugs, reason up and stop getting bloodstains on your hands for any big man all in the name of love for a political party or some money.
 Have you ever asked yourself if they would have encouraged you to take that role as their child?
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