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July. 13, 2020

First off, what stands you out as an exceptional musician is your style and sound, and what keeps you going is your ability to keep up with the trends in relation to your songs and the ability to create trends.  It is more than going into the studio to make a song because you have access to a recording booth. The fact is, it is quite easy for anyone today to make a song. It is not as expensive as it used to be. Everyone records, mixes, and masters their songs themselves. Not to discredit the efforts and the money spent on acquiring the equipment, but we must know that some persons are just making songs for themselves and not for the public.
You need to understand that as an up and coming musician who is trying to break into the industry, you need to pretty much understand your market. You need to be able to relate well with your primary audience which is Nigerians. You need to understand that the hassles in the country are enough to keep them busy and get their attention. If you want to get their attention, you need to look for their trouble, so to say. There is a tendency that you may be a one-hit-wonder depending on how consistent you remain after your hit songs swing the market for a while, but what is more important is getting their attention first.
The song making process is not a regular process, it is a spiritual process. Your song needs to connect naturally without any extra push. The truth is once you have a very good hook, you can be sure that your song will hit well coupled with good pr and rotation on the radio and digital platforms. A lot of up and coming musicians pay too much attention to the verses of their songs rather than the hook. The bridge and hook are the most important and delicate part of any song, the hook particularly. 
Once the hook is right, the verse will fix itself. That is why it is called the ‘hook’. While a number of people call it the ‘chorus’. Simply put, it is the chorus because that is practically what your audience will sing along to, and why it’s probably the shortest part of the song because the goal is to summarise the whole song in few words and pass the message on as easy as possible.
As an up and coming artist, you need to constantly get feedback. You need people that know the Nigerian music industry as friends or acquaintances, as the case may be. Let them listen to your song, once it is ready, not when it has already been released. Do a pre-release conference with music lovers. Let them listen and tell you what they honestly think. Making music in Nigeria is more than having a good voice. We believe that has already been established. 
A good sound engineer will always fix a bad voice. A good song is weighted on the lyrics, and rhythm of the song. Having a good producer cannot be overemphasized. A producer that understands your sound and style to a fault will place your vocals properly on a beat that attracts listeners naturally. That is why we see your favorite Nigerian Musicians working with a particular producer always. There is a bond that exists between singers and their producers. Find yourself a producer that totally gets your vibe.
After successfully satisfying the processes above, you need to get a good pr team. Money is definitely needed to make this happen. This team will be responsible for pushing your song to the last kobo. The fact is you wouldn’t have to spend too much promoting good music. Once it is really good, radio hosts will offer to play it for free. You may be pushing your song heavily on a particular radio station, once another radio presenter hears it or is always getting a request on his music show to play your song, he will find the song, and the rest will be history. Most times, you do not need to be signed to a record label to make a hit song. You just need the push, determination, and hard work. Consistency is what keeps you relevant. You can make a hit song and still be irrelevant in the Nigerian music industry.
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