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SHOCKING: Cancer Took My Breasts Not My Attitude- Model Reveals Her Body! (PHOTOS)

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May. 18, 2020

A model who has undergone a double mastectomy has successfully relaunched her modeling career on a New York catwalk. Allyson Lynch, 30, started out as a fit and catalog model for alternative fashion brand Sourpuss clothing in 2014 but feared a breast cancer diagnosis would end her career before it could really take off. 
source: youtube
The young woman from Philadelphia found the lump during a routine breast exam when she was just 26 and elected to have a bilateral mastectomy for 'peace of mind.' Despite her fears, Allyson found that her experiences opened up even more doors for her modeling career and she hopes to encourage more survivors to embrace their new bodies. 
source: youtube
Wow, what an inspiration this woman is. It can't be easy to have gone through all the sh*t and hell that she has been thru at such a young age. Going through chemotherapy and losing your hair, and having the risk of losing your breasts as well has got to just tear a woman down slowly. I can't imagine losing my hair and feeling like you've lost your femininity at the same time. The two things that really help make a woman feminine is your hair and having breasts. 
source: youtube
She is so unbelievably strong and SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! She is absolutely stunning. She has such a positive attitude about everything too, & that's awesome. Its good to see that she's doing what makes her happy. Because she deserves to be happy after everything she has been thru... I hope and pray she's able to live the rest of her life cancer-free and I pray to God she doesn't have to worry about her cancer coming back ever again. God bless that woman, she's amazing. - a comment reads online. Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 
source: youtube
Watch the full video here: 
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