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UNBELIEVABLE!!! South African Woman Declared Dead Found Alive In Morgue Freezer


March. 25, 2020

A South African woman who had earlier been declared dead by paramedics was found alive in a mortuary in Gauteng province.
A mortuary attendant who had gone to double-check the bodies made this discovery. After the attendant discovered she was breathing, she was rushed to a nearby hospital.
The unnamed woman was pronounced dead after an accident early Sunday morning after the car she was traveling in lost control and rolled, local news outlets reported. Two other people in the car died.
According to the operations manager of the ambulance company, Gerrit Bradnick,  that declared the women dead, Distress Assist Ambulance, not only did that their paramedics declare the woman dead, they also followed all protocols to check for life.
'Equipment used to determine life showed no form of life on the woman,' he said.
An investigation by the Gauteng Health Department is underway as the woman is recovering in hospital.
A similar event happened in 2011 when an old man presumed dead by the family woke up screaming in Eastern Cape Province. He had been found immobile and totally unconscious by his family.
Another case happened in 2016 when a motorcyclist who had been involved in an accident was declared dead only to wake up in a morgue fridge the next day.
Woman Declared Dead Found Alive In Morgue's Freezer
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