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How Long Should You Wait Before Having S3x With A New Man

Bertina KE

March. 25, 2020

Some say you wait until marriage, others believe you should just let things flow naturally. 
While this is still something debatable, an expert, Mathew Boggs recently shared his advice with women on what he believes should happen.
There are two things that determine when you have s3x with a man; the s3xual pace and the emotional pace.
The s3xual pace is determined by how physical you are getting with one another. Starting with a hug, or holding hands, moving to a kiss, to getting more physical and ultimately having s3x. On the other hand, the emotional pace is about how your relationship grows from being acquaintances to being something more than just friends. The emotional pace is usually set by the level of commitment to the relationship.
The emotional pace determines the purpose of the relationship. Whether the relationship is something that will lead to marriage or mere play is also determined by the emotional aspect of the relationship.
When it comes to having s3x, one should never let the s3xual pace precede the emotional pace. Most people will end up becoming awkward when the s3xual pace is way at the front. In other words, you sleep with each other before you know whether or not you like each other. It can throw the relationship off balance. Many of us have had an experience where you get physical too soon and everybody gets awkward and it gets weird.
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