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Bishop forces assistant pastor to marry his pregnant daughter


Nov. 04, 2019

- An anonymous pastor of a church in Ghana has taken to social media to reveal some challenges he is facing
- He informed a social media user Abena Magis Manokekame that he is being compelled by his bishop to marry the bishop's pregnant daughter
- According to Manokekame, the father of the unborn child is a Muslim who is not aware of the developments
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A young pastor has come out to state how he is being compelled to marry the daughter of his bishop.
According to a popular relationship brand on Facebook known as Abena Magis Manokekame, the young pastor has been asked to choose between marrying the lady or leaving the church.
Matters were made worse as the young pastor was involved in building the church from scratch and has been instrumental in building all 25 branches across the country.
The young pastor has also been with the church for the past 15 years.
In addition, the bishop had sent him outside Ghana to further his education and obtain a Master's degree.
At the moment, the assistant pastor feels entangled because his refusal to marry the bishop's daughter would compel the man of God to take back all monies spent on him.
YEN.com.gh understands that his readiness to marry the lady would also result in the decision of the bishop to cancel all debts and a handing over of the United Kingdom branch of the church to him.
The young man, after seeing no way out, decided to take to social media to seek the views of the general public as an anonymous person.
The part that makes the matter even more unbearable according to the message is the fact that the lady is pregnant for a Muslim who is not even aware of the pregnancy.
Also, the young man asserts that he has fallen in love with a lady and plans on making his intentions known to her.
The entire message is as shared below:
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