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Money saving expert Martin Lewis says cinema bosses should advertise real start time of films instead of the time that moviegoers will start being ......


Oct. 09, 2019

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has called on cinemas to advertise the real start time of movies.
The TV presenter prompted debate among tens of thousands of movie goers after he bemoaned turning up to the pictures only to sit through half an hour of trailers and advertisements.
More than 78,000 people waded in to share their views, with many demanding chains be more transparent about start times.
In a tweet, the financial expert wrote: 'Went to cinema yest for 8.45pm showing, but it was 9.17 before the film actually started.
'CINEMAS we pay to see films! Fine show 5/10min of ads & trailers, but this inflation to 33mins isn't on. Either cut pre-screening times, or tell us actual start times too.
'RT if u agree.'
The tweet sparked a huge response as some 54,000 people retweeted in agreement while 78,100 social media users shared their opinions.
Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright even waded in, adding: 'Agree with this one hundred percent. In the UK the amount of commercials (less so trailers) before a movie is insane. 30 mins is way too long.'
American filmmaker Kyle R Smith added: 'I also don't need a 5 minute ad telling me how great the theater I'm currently sitting in is.'
Another twitter user added: 'As a deaf person, it's annoying because when I go to see a captioned film (they are only shown at limited times/days) the trailers are not captioned so I have to sit there unable to follow. I usually turn up late, but like you say it would be helpful to know the film start time.'
Others said they were forced to pay babysitters extra to get to the cinema on time - only to spend half an hour watching adverts.
Suzanne Latus-Woods said: 'This boils my blood. I don’t wish to be advertised to for 30+ minutes. I have to get a babysitter to watch an extra half an hour of ads?!'
People also slammed cinema chains for the 'inconsistency' in movie start times and the length of trailers.
But some argued lengthy trailers and advertisements gave customers enough time to get food and drinks and allow for late comers to find their seats without disrupting the movie.
Phil Clapp, Chief Executive of the UK Cinema Association, told Yahoo: 'The issue of length of the pre-show is not something on which the Association would seek to advise let alone instruct our members in that they know their audiences best.'
Cinema, Vue and the UK Cinema Association have been contacted for comment.
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