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I [23M] really want to make a good impression on my gf’s [21f] parents [??mf] tonight, especially her dad. But her parents are from another country ......
Bruno|Aug. 10, 2019
I have been seeing this girl for four months. She’s absolutely amazing! Gorgeous, funny, smart, you get the idea.
Her family is Iraqi. She tells me that her parents are generally pretty chill and westernized, but they get a little traditional about certain things. For this reason she has told me it is very important to her that I at least try and make a good impression on her parents.
I’ve met them once, briefly. They had us over for coffee. Her parents seemed friendly. Her mom seemed nice, didn’t really talk to me much. Her dad though. We definitely tried having a full blown conversation, but I really had a hard time understanding him.
He had a very thick accent, and his English is very good, but not perfect. So as he talked it seemed like a lot of the time he would not quite know the right word for what he wanted to say and it got very confusing.
I did my best to keep up and he seemed satisfied, I guess, but I honestly couldn’t even tell what our conversation had been about.
Well now the gf and I are going back for a big “official” dinner with her parents (and brother) and I’m pretty nervous about it.
I told her that I really do want to get along with her parents but I have a really hard time understanding her dad. Her answer was basically “Yeah, he can be hard to understand, just please try.”
So, anyway I want to impress them. Their daughter is a shooting star and any family who raises a girl like her must be pretty cool, too.
I’m worried about frustrating her dad or having a hard time conversing due to the above issues. I really want the guy to like me.
Can anyone please give some advice on how to handle this? Tips and tricks for putting a good impression on someone you can’t really understand? All advice welcome.
TL;DR : Having dinner at gf’s parents place. They’re From iraq and I have a very hard time understanding her dad. I want to make a good impression on the guy. Please help?
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