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EXPOSED: List Of Criminal Gangs Operating In Kenya


Aug. 10, 2019

A new government report has revealed an increase in the number of criminal gangs in the country to 326 from the 33 in 2010, posing a tough job for the Interior Ministry.
The 897 per cent growth comes amid ongoing attempts to suppress criminal gangs harassing and maiming innocent civilians in some parts of the Coast region, specifically Mombasa County.
The report titled Borderland-related Crimes and Security Threats was released by the National Crime Research Center after an observation in only 21 of the 47 counties.
Consequently, it says, the gangs could be even more, also listing politicians and businessmen as sponsors of their actions including attacking civilians and smuggling explosives.
This was on Thursday confirmed by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i, who, however, announced that measures are in place to counter the groups wreaking havoc in Bamburi.
“We know that political mobilisation is the cause of the revival of criminal gangs in the country, not just in Central Kenya, but also at the Coast. Any attempts to revive criminal gang activities will be dealt with in a firm and decisive manner. I will personally visit the Coast soon to see what is going on there,” he said.
Mombasa, Kisumu, Kwale and Bungoma counties are listed as the leading with the highest numbers of such groups which are also said to have links to rogue State officials.
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