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Police Officer Dies On Top Of Married Woman During Hot S3xual Bout

Edwin Abanga

Sept. 23, 2020

A man believed to be a policeman has found himself in probably the worst situation in his life after he was caught in a very compromising situation with another man’s wife.
Sources explain that the police officer was enjoying the forbidden fruit of another man’s wife in a hotel room when he got stuck in her. After several unsuccessful efforts to relieve himself from the ‘arrest’, he collapsed on top of the woman.
Sources explain that the officer lost his life while stuck inside the woman before help could arrive. The matter was reported to the police and his lifeless body carried together with the woman to the hospital for assistance and preservation at the morgue, while police commence their interrogation.
Such bizarre situations have often been attributed to spiritual means meanwhile medical practitioners have advised that the situation is a medical condition known as p*nis captivus. P*nis captivus is described as an occurrence during intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the p*nis much more firmly than usual making it impossible for the p*nis to be withdrawn from the v*gina.
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