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DJ Zinhle Shares Pictures Of Her Second Home


Aug. 12, 2020

DJ Zinhle Shares Pictures Of Her Second Home. South African musicians usually having stunning luxurious home. DJ Zinhle has shared pictures on social media of the interior of her second house and it is stunning.
DJ Zinhle took to Instagram to share the pictures of inside her second house. She shared pictures of her hard work that she has put in trying to put in the finer details of her house. Her second home is a bit smaller than her first main house but it indeed stunning and has amazing interior design aspects.
Zihle’s new home has black and white tiles and many old pieces that she has decided to refurbish and make new. The house is filled with pieces from Jiyane Atelier, which is her new home furnishing brand. The balcony has also been transformed into a lounge area and it also has a stunning dressing room and walk in closet.
The ‘Umlilo’ DJ posted a picture of her kitchen sitting dining area, it has a black wooden table and white moderns seat. the picture was captioned “I love creating beautiful spaces. This house has been a challenge because I had to buy everything online but it’s all coming together”.
The hit making DJ shared 3 different pictures of her home. She shared the balcony lounge are, the dinning area and the dressing room. Man other artist complimented the great aesthetic of her new home and many had said they have found ideas and inspiration from the pictures he has shared.
See Pictures From Zinhle’s Instagram Below:
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