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Today I Love The Distant, Lonely Mourning Dove’s Call


July. 14, 2020

Today I love the distant, lonely mourning dove’s call, longingly speaking of yesterday and the ones that have gone on before us all. I love how plaintive and yet somehow hopeful they sound, hopeful enough to make one want to believe in things greater than, and well beyond life itself. I love that there are those who hold their faith tight and yet still accept others as they are. I love those who praise their god but do not take on their god’s task of judging and deciding who should be punished. I love those who accept that life is a gift and if their faith is right than it was a gift from their god and being aware of that they are also aware that they do not get to decide who should or shouldn’t have been given that gift, they do not get to second guess their god, they only get to observe and learn. I love that I have no knowledge of a god that holds me fast to any faith and yet I still believe it is not my place to choose who is right and who is unworthy, my lack of knowledge stems from my lack of faith in humanities ability to see that clearly but it does not mean there is no god or gods, only that I can neither prove nor disprove them so I shall worship life, everyone’s life. I love that those around me are alive and so many are full of life.
Today I love that yesterday I made bread and porridge and supper and got a lot of writing done. I love that I was busy all day long but still managed to spend some time enjoying the company of my household. I love that every day our plans change, sometimes in little ways and sometimes in big ways and those changes are always things that make our lives batter.
Today I love peaches, though there are none grown around here any more. I love that we are in the time of year when the fruit from fruit trees will soon be flooding the market stalls and grocery stores and table top bowls of households everywhere in our area. I love how easy it is to fall in love with seasons and their signatures of food and activities. I love that we are in the depths of Summer’s palace and life is a lazy drifting boat on a stream of contentment when I let it be. I love that our squash plants are in bloom and looking good.
Today I love drinking coffee as I drift downstream in my contented, dreaming mind, listening to the mourning dove sing about times with others who live on through memories.
Today I Love The Distant, Lonely Mourning Dove’s Call
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