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Do You Agree??!! "Dating A Yahoo Boy Is Extremely Dangerous" - Twitter User Says.

George Addy

July. 13, 2020

Twitter user @AmeeraYusuf recently issued an advice to young ladies while sharing her ordeal with a “Yahoo boy”.
According to her, “dating a yahoo boy is the most dangerous thing any girl can get tangled in”.
Sharing her ordeal, she stated that “she met the guy and he told her he was into real estate. They eventually got talking and soon after they started dating. And although she noticed he was extremely secretive, she neva thought to question him”.
“A week ago, he asked her to accompany him so she could help access a property in Asaba, Delta State. She got excited and agreed to go. Tagging along, were two of the guy’s friends (according to him though) and it was weird that they did not chat like normal friends would (they were literally quiet through out the whole ride)”.
As the journey went on, she fell asleep only to wake to see her hands tied and an old man chanting incantations. Luckily for her, a few policemen chased some robbers and accidentally came across their hideout.
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