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Today I Love Wet Weekends

Okey Japan

July. 11, 2020

Today I love wet weekends when the world seemed so dry that it was about to crack and crumble. I love how timing sometimes makes me laugh, my plan is to work on fixing the garden hose spigot at the cottage this weekend and it looks like I might have to do that in the rain. I love that I’m okay working in the rain, it saves on running the shower, though the neighbors might well complain if I stripped down and started soaping up … maybe I’ll save the rain for the pre-soak before I actually shower indoors. I love that I have a good book for reading should the rain decide to be a deluge instead of a drizzle. I love being at the cottage when it rains or when it doesn’t rain, and I will never complain about the weather there, swim or read or fish or watch a movie or hang out in the hammock outside or hide out in the bunkie or cook in the kitchen or cook on the barbecue, it’s all good, all of it, all the time.
Today I love that we stayed home last night so that we could get to the market and that’s what happened and now we have some local food again, that’s worth missing one evening away. I love that I got some mudding done on the walls yesterday, first coarse coat on to the joints and a better idea of how much joint compound I need. I love that I have already gotten in the rest of the joint compound (mud) and I’m ready to get back at it on Monday. I love that I have all the switches and receptacles I need and am just missing a few wall plates now and once the walls are finished I’ll replace the switches and receptacles get all the plates together and install them and boom, one more task finished, but not today because I’m heading to the cottage.
Today I love Syrian food from the farmers’ market, Raj and his wife make some delicious things. I love that I enjoy other people’s food creations as much as I enjoy my own. I love keeping myself busy, in the kitchen, on the computer, on the scaffold, at the cottage, here at home. I love finding my way to the new normal that is slowly emerging, love that some of the aspects of isolation were quite appealing to me, love that the new normal will be better than the old normal because we were forced to consider changing our ways and that often results in revelations and realizations and the sudden acceptance of the concept that change can be good or bad or made up of both, and it’s up to us to find our way and be proud that we did.
Today I love sipping coffee and happily anticipating Raj’s Syrian food that we brought home from the farmers’ market, yay for the farmers’ market.
Today I Love Wet Weekends
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