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5 Red Flags In Women That Make Your Girl Incompatible With You

Aba Brew

July. 09, 2020

She looks perfect. She’s everything you wanted in a partner, but some things about her make you second-guess yourself. You’re picking up on some of the red flags in women to be aware of.
#1 She’s violent when upset. Maybe you had an argument. It’s not something unusual; every relationship has its moments. But instead of talking things out with you, she’ll hit you or throw things at you. You should talk to her about it and give her the chance to learn and grow out of this behaviour. But if she continues to do this, this is incredibly unhealthy. 
#2 She’s disrespectful to her parents. Now, some parents can be difficult people and get on their kid’s nerves. But if she’s rude and disrespectful to her parents, the odds are that behavior is going to seep into your relationship. These people gave her life! They gave her love and support! How will she treat you then?
#3 She quickly becomes obsessive. You just started seeing each other, but she’s already calling you a couple of times a day and checking up on where you are. This isn’t a good sign. At first, it may seem cute, but this shows that she has massive trust issues. If she’s showing obsessive behavior, that’s a red flag.
#4 She’s unappreciative. You pick her up from work every day or cook dinner for her, and all these actions show you care and appreciate her. But appreciation is a two-way street. She doesn’t need to buy you something to say thank you, but just taking notice and acknowledging what you did goes a long way.
#5 They make you feel bad about yourself. When you’re dating someone, they should make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Instead, they insult you and poke at your self-esteem. She doesn’t want to make you smile; she wants to feel superior.
When dating, make sure you look out for these red flags in women. You don’t want to get yourself caught up in an unhealthy relationship, or with someone who’s totally wrong for you.
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