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5 Things That Turns Ladies Off During S3x

Denison adzotor

May. 13, 2020

Ladies are very nice people and they love everything a guy loves especially when it comes to s3x and the bedroom.
Whiles ladies can be very s3xually active especially when they are treated very well, a number of things can also put them off during a period of s3xual intercourse if care is not taken.
Ladies are very sensitive to a number of stuff that that guys may take for granted. Sometimes a guy might think this or that doesn’t matter because of their gender but to ladies, it really matters.
Here are a few things that can put a lady off during a bedroom game period which can rude a s3x time.
Bad breath: This is one thing that puts ladies off on most occasions. The smell of alcohol as well as any other bad smell in the mouth contributes to bad breath and this can be deadly if not checked. Since k*issing is an integral part of foreplay, bad breath may just turn a woman off during k*ssing and that might ruin s3xual intercourse.
Alcohol: Excessive alcohol can be dangerous to human health and may even affect s3xual performance. Once alcohol is abused, it may lead to bad breath and may even affect the strength of a man in bed.
Body Odour: Bad body odour is one thing that can be very disastrous in a relationship. Naturally, bad smells turn people off not only in s3x alone but this can be more serious during the bedroom time. S3x signals can easily be turned off because of the emotional effect of the smell of a partner hence one must always ensure that their bodies are kept clean.
Bad foreplay: Bad foreplay can also hurt women a lot. Not getting the lady in the mood and wet before penetration can lead to minor injuries which will eventually turn her off.
P3nis Size: Some p3nis sizes on a normal day may either make one feel better or may end up causing one to get turned off. Too big a p3nis size can turn some women off whiles too-small sizes can also turn some women off. One needs to know the preference of his or her partner in this case.
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