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My Guy Always Wants To Pour His Sp3rms Into My Mouth- Is It Good?

Denison adzotor

May. 10, 2020

I have had a number of boyfriends ever since I started dating but I haven’t had one that is as naughty like mike current guy.
This guy is so gentle on the outside and you can easily describe him as an angel when you don’t know of his bedroom lifestyle which I fully know of.
We met back in school and we are currently doing our national service. Whiles we were in school, he proposed love to me after meeting me at a friends party the very first day we met.
He was so plain about it such that he came straight to me asked if we could talk, walked me off to an isolated place, started a conversation and later pointed it out to me that he likes me and wants to date me.
I was shocked about his boldness and how serious he was even though everybody described him as a calm person before the party started.
Some of his friends even teased and laughed at him and claimed he was the only person who wouldn’t dance because he is shy of the pretty ladies.
I told him a needed some time to think about it and he responded by saying I already have my brains intact so I am already thinking and if I am single, then I should give him the opportunity.
I have never had such an encounter before so I decided to give him a chance since he wouldn’t let me go if I don’t tell him my answer. He was ready to follow me everywhere and that will be embarrassing.
We started our dating life on a cool not. I visited him twice and he made me feel like an angel.
But my third visit was something else. After having a long chat with him in his room, he went into the bathroom to take a shower. Upon returning, he forgot I was in the room so he came out with his towel. He removed the towel from his waist before realizing I was there.
He felt very shy but just so that he will be ok, I walked towards him, grabbed him close and k*ssed him. I touched his d*ck which forced him to take off my clothes. It ended in 3 good rounds of s3x and each time he came he poured it in my mouth.
I didn’t like the idea but I enjoyed the moment so I let it go. But the issue here is, he always wants to pour his sp3rms in my mouth any time we have s3x and I am getting fed-up.
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