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My Boyfriend Likes Too Much Anal S3x

Denison adzotor

May. 08, 2020

I am 26 and he is 28. We are both university graduates and we started dating when we started our national service.
We were both posted to teach in the same village. Upon getting there, I never had the option of staying but the headmaster of the school persuaded me to stay because the students will be very disappointed if I leave.
My boyfriend was also posted there and he made the same decision I made earlier the moment he arrived in the village on the first day.
In fact, one could not stand the fact that we were going to spend a whole year in that village whereas the rest of our colleagues were having the best of fun in the city.
I spoke with him for a moment and asked him to stay because I at least will get some company and that we can be friends. It was difficult but he managed to buy into my decision and so we became friends.
We were given the only quarters the school had which had to room facing the opposite direction so we could use for our separate accommodation.
Days went by and by the time we realized we started texting each other at night whiles we were in our separate rooms.
We could hear each other when we talk so we sometimes just chat as the separation between us was made of plywood.
By the time we spent two weeks in the village, we started making out. I remembered I started it all after I called him to come and help me fix a bulb in my room knowing very well, I was half-naked.
After fixing the bulb, I asked him to turn on the light and oh, he couldn’t withstand the temptation so he ended up enjoying me. He really was good at it as he made me scream all night long.
I love him but the only issue here is he always wants to have anal s3x with me which I dislike. I am totally confused about what I should do.
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