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4 Weird Things That Pushes Me Away from Attractive Ladies

Phil Opt

March. 18, 2020

Every woman is beautiful but there are times that even the most beautiful end up looking the other way. There are several things that men mostly can’t stand when a woman does them, it eventually prevents the man from approaching them.
To a certain degree, I have come to realize that there are about four things I don’t like to see women do and when they do, I no longer feel attracted to them.
Below are four things that every woman should not practice;
1.   Unshaved armpit
There are women who have decided not to shave the pubic hair in their armpit and they feel it’s a fashion style. However, whenever I notice ladies with such hairs, I lose interest in them because they give me a different opinion about their personality.
2.   Not putting on underwear
Ladies nowadays prefer not to put on underwear simply because they sometimes feel comfortable. It is okay if it is with a jean trouser, however when it is something light, it is easy for a man to notice and such ladies hardly attract me because it gives me a negative thought about them.
3.   Unprescribed attire  
It is sad when the lady you’re walking with is actually beautiful but loves to put on attires that make her look otherwise. A beautiful lady will look more attractive when she has her best dress and prescribed dress on, same goes for women who feel they are not that beautiful.
4.   Too much makeup
I love women who use makeup and I love those who don’t, however, there are those who would always use makeup, even when there is no occasion but they stepping into town to get a couple of items.
The best way to attract a man is to put up the best of yourself, not necessarily the new fashion trend in the city.
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