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5 Must Have Underwear For Ladies To Spice Up Their Relationship

Phil Opt

March. 17, 2020

During special time with my girlfriend, I was left to just admire and love her underwear because I hardly see those type. Seeing that new style got me wild and I didn't want to miss the touch of it.
It's still surprising when people say marriage is boring and that they would rather prefer to be single and play around. They would only agree to marriage when the person they are dating is the ‘Mr Right’ they have dreamt of having. 
I personally believe that wives play a big role when it comes to spicing up their marriage because most at times, the husbands are too busy to notice the need.
In the bedroom or in the house, aside both partners walking naked once in a while, I believe wives should at least of have these spicy underwear in the wardrobe.
1.   Transparent open-cut embroidery s*xy underwear
Just as the name says, its open cut and it is right on the particular spot which he would hardly resist. On special occasion or when you just want to go naughty, dare him with this.
2.   Tassels lace G-string
It is an exotic underwear and this is the truth, don’t feel shy to put them on. This alone will help you to initiate s*x with your partner without uttering a word.
3.   Transparent lingerie lace
It's all about spicing up your marriage and not a relationship. The danger of using these tips in a normal relationship is that it will likely end and tears and you wouldn’t want to even try it when you marry.
4.   Bare
It's very bare and it means not every lady can wear it, especially if your body features looks like an 'M’ instead of the favourite ‘S’.
5.   Lingerie transparent lace thong
You have to be wild in order to spice up your marriage s*x life. Most often you will blame the man for weakness, but instead of doing so, use this to train him to stand long and explore.
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