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Here Are The Facts About Sammy And Nana Ama's Breakup

Denison adzotor

March. 10, 2020

The breakup between Nana Ama and Sammy, both students of one of Ghana’s topmost universities (KNUST) is toping trends on social media.
Videos that surfaced on social media had Sammy crying like a baby just because Nana Ama his love disclosed to him that their relationship is over.
But hey, there is more to that. Nana Ama broke up with Sammy because she discovered that the once upon a time love of her life was cheating not with anybody but a level hundred girl.
Sammy is reported to have had a serious BJ experience from the level 100 girl whose name has not been identified.
As if that is not enough, he went ahead to ignore Nana Ama not knowing that every good turn deserves another.
Nana Ama after several unsuccessful attempts to get her lover back has finally given up at a time where Sammy is back in his senses.
This may sound like a movie but the truth of the matter is Nana Ama has given Sammy a painful exit which has caused him some serious trauma.  
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