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10 Sustainable Self-love Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Feb. 14, 2020

In This Article Treat yourself to a new hairstyle Recycle your wardrobe Set up your own routine Try Yoga Take up healthy hobbies Listen to yourself Love others Do something you’re good at Stop comparing yourself Do your bit for the environment
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the couples in the world – it’s also to celebrate being you. You too can take the help of self-love ideas to show yourself some love, and be guilt-free!
As the environment is becoming a hot topic, sustainability also seems to be a trending subject – finding alternatives to our favorite clothing brands, lowering plastic consumption and recycling are some of our eco-friendly missions.
With that in mind, how about using some self-love ideas pertaining to a sustainable fashion this Valentine’s Day ?
Single or taken, you can show yourself some much-needed TLC by using these self-love ideas, all whilst protecting the environment. Even the tiniest of steps can help!
Now that you are thinking on the lines of how to practice self-love or how to fall in love with yourself with all your heart, the following are mentioned some amazing yet eco-friendly ways to practice self-love.
1. Treat yourself to a new hairstyle
Who says you need to go to the salon to treat yourself to a whole new hairstyle? Try out wavy hair with your new bangs for a stylish look, or master a halo braid for a feminine and Bohemian-inspired look.
These amazing self-love ideas will provide a  huge relief on your bank account and will also help you improve your hairstyling skills. Moreover, this self-love idea will lower your carbon footprint as you won’t be traveling to your salon.
Nothing is quite as therapeutic as refreshing your look to kick start your year in style. You feel empowered and like you’ve upped your hair game! Prepare to dazzle!
2. Recycle your wardrobe
Treat yourself to a wardrobe update – after all, shopping is one of the best self-love ideas!
Opt for sustainable brands that do their bit for the environment, or discover thrift stores for second-hand clothing.
There’s nothing quite like finding a sustainable gem that will switch up your wardrobe! Friends will be going to you for advice on finding that sensational wardrobe staple.
3. Set up your own routine
Routine may sound boring but it’s a way of loving yourself.
Creating a routine for your morning or when you get home from work lowers anxiety and stress.
So, the self-love ideas can include either treating yourself to a moisturizing session in the morning or watching your favorite TV series when you get home with a cup of green tea.
Whatever be your choice, you will be able to unwind and disconnect from the worries of everyday life.
4. Try Yoga
Yoga is a relaxing and self-caring activity that will help you start your day in the right way. It allows you to get in tune with your thoughts and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Being in tune with your body makes you relaxed and helps in healing on the inside and out.
You can do it in the comfort of your own home and follow YouTube tutorials with soothing background music, or go to a yoga club and meet new like-minded people.
You will build on your inner and outer strength and you will thank yourself for it later!
5. Take up healthy hobbies
We love a bit of yoga – but the fun doesn’t stop there!
The self-love ideas entail taking up a healthy hobby such as joining a gym, going on a weekly run around your favorite location, or go for long country walks for healthy but inspiring activity.
Sport is known to lower anxiety and stress , and working up a sweat or breathing in the fresh air will be soothing and a therapeutic experience for you. You can do this alone or even better, with your best friends to make it more social.
6. Listen to yourself
Self-love is all about being in tune with yourself and listening to your mind and soul – if you need a time out, listen to yourself .
Let yourself be kind to yourself and to others – if you need to cry, cry, if you need to confide in someone, do it. It’s a very important part of taking care of yourself, stop blocking the ones you love and yourself from your worries and fears.
Use Valentine’s to look after yourself and evacuate all the problems from the past year.
7. Love others
You can resort to several self-love ideas, and you can start by thinking about the things you love about the people you meet, your colleagues, your friends, and your family.
Whether it’s just the fact that they have a nice smile or they have an energetic approach to everything they do, you will get into the habit of appreciating those around you, and eventually yourself.
8. Do something you’re good at
One of the best self-love ideas is to indulge in something that you are totally in love with.
Nothing is such a confidence-boost than doing something that you are good at and what you enjoy.
You may be an avid painter, or enjoy cooking delicious meals for your loved ones, whatever your passion is, make time for it and feel amazing about your capabilities!
9. Stop comparing yourself
When appreciating others, give yourself a break and stop the comparisons .
On Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to compare yourself to the loved-up couples or that person at work who seems to have it all figured out – but no one really has.
Everyone tries to show off the best side of themselves in front of others, and no one’s Instagram feed is truly representative of their real lives, so don’t beat yourself up about it!
10. Do your bit for the environment
When you are changing up your hair routine or your wardrobe, do your bit for the environment and recycle.
You will find confidence and happiness within the recycling and doing your bit for the environment. Drop your unloved clothes off at your local thrift store and invest in brands that recycle their packaging. You will love being an eco-warrior!
These incredible tips should suffice to put your thoughts on how to practice self-love to rest. You can use a combination of these self-love ideas or the one that suits you the best.
What matters eventually is learning to genuinely love yourself on Valentine’s day and even beyond.
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