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It looks like there is a Communal Relationship that goes on another NYSC corps members.

Abobarin Akinfenwa

Feb. 13, 2020

The opera news article regulations would not allow me to write this out to you the way I feel about it, because of some rules and regulations here.
But I want you to think about this the way you see it, could there be a Communal phycological behavior of Kopas during service year.
Am talking about the way they enter into relationship between themselves, because is like they do this effortlessly.
Dating one another seem to be an easy dealing. Which most of them have not done before they went for service.
Could there be a norm that is making this happen, what are they implications of their behavior, is it positive to the society or not.
Is as if when they go for service they must try to date one or two members. Some see it as an opportunity to find someone to marry but at the end nothing to show for it.
Once they pass out everyone goes there way and never talk about it. We have stories of some getting married to one another but that is like 1% out of the thousands of other who where in relationship with fellow colleagues.
Biology talks about animals of same kind doing things together in same ecosystem.
Could the fact that NYSC is a uniform community making it a leverage for this kind of behavior among serving kopas?
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