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Valentine's Day in Uyo; A Day Death Angel normally comes to Town


Feb. 12, 2020

Valentine's day is the day in which lovers look forward to take their relationships to a new height; it involves exchange of gift items, Spending time together, Special Dinners, Renewal of vows, Reigniting almost-dead -relationships, hmmn..! The list is quite endless.
However, in Akwa Ibom cities of Uyo and Ikot-Ekpene, on a valentine's day, oftentimes angel of Death too could find mates to graveyard , no thanks to broken relationships between men and women in the society.
Men who lost out then later saw their ex-spouses with another men could get deadly jealous.
It is known, men within these cities and environs are typically too emotionally attached in their relationships, and many more are bad losers.
On a typical day, especially on Sunday evenings, its not hard to find many married men displaying European style of affectional care and negroid strength carrying baby and loads all by themselves while their wives walk along empty handed.
Now you can imagine when such relationships turn sour, many find it too hard to swallow, it hurts their pride then plan to embark on revenge mission and waiting for the perfect time to strike.
In their foolishness and blinding hatred, some will demand ultimate price for their losses, then Valentine's day might be the pay day.
So if you are new in these cities on valentine's day, my advice for you is " _caveat emptor_ " because some men may not come to the party to dance for your gain but to kill for their losses.
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