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I(20M) just realised that I've been emotionally abusing my ex-girlfriend(19F) and I want to change my ways


Feb. 11, 2020

First of all, I don't do this in hopes of us getting back together, just trying to make a few changes for future relationships
It all began in april when we got together. It was my first serious relationship. The first 2 months were actually fine, but after this I became controlling and jealous and sometimes manipulative.I was constantly criticising her for not giving me enough attention and constantly calling her to check her whereabouts in fear that she was cheating on me, even though there was nothing to support my fears. There were times where I snooped through her phone and made her feel guilty about talking to other guys(friends). I just couldn't control any of it. There were times when I knew what I was doing was wrong and I apologized over and over ago, but I couldn't seem to change anything. Well, after 10 months together, we broke up. I was angry at first, but finally came to the realization that it probably was for the best giving my behaviour towards her.
I know there's no ways to repair what I've done except leaving her alone and not contacting her again, but I really want to change these things so it doesn't affect my future relationships. Any tips?
Tl;dr I've been emotionally abusive my ex girlfriend and now I want to change these things so it doesn't affect my future relationships
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