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I want to get away from my identical twin sister but I can’t?


Feb. 08, 2020

We’re 17 year old identical twins, and for the day we were born we were given everything to be as similar as possible. Our names rhyme, our middle names are the same, we always dressed the same and my parents didn’t allow us to go anywhere without the other. It’s not as bad now, I look slightly different, but the rule for going out still stands, we still share everything we have, everyone sees us as the same person, none of the teachers know who I am individually, all our friends are the same and people still treat us as “the twins” or twin 1, twin 2, etc.
I’m just so sick of it, and now we’re going to the same college with very similar majors. I really wanted college to be the time where I can just get away from her for once but I’m so upset cause now I’ll be stuck with her again for four years of what’s supposed to be the years where you get to be yourself, a free adult.
And even now, I wanted to go somewhere and my parents are like, “you’re always trying to pull away from her, God made you together so that’s what you should be” and I just want to cry, I just want to be alone sometimes, I hate always being with her. She’s so clingy and wants to do everything in the world with me and I just really don’t. I want separate friends, my own personality and my own individuality.
She’s always with me, needing me by her side at all times otherwise she gets sad and then she tells my parents that I don’t like her anymore. I’m trying to push her away but I feel like a bad person. When I talk to my friends in school she gets upset cause I’m not talking to her and she’ll complain about it all day long. I hate being a twin, I envy people that get to be themselves so effortlessly. What do I do now, I already know I’m gonna hate my time in college cause nothing will be different.
TL;DR: my identical twin sister is very clingy, my parents push us together and she enjoys it but I absolutely hate it and now I’m going to be stuck with her in college for another four miserable years of having the same friends, dragging her along everywhere, and hating my life because I just want to be alone.
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