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I’m 22 and No man has ever approached me! I’m really sad!


Jan. 22, 2020

I'm 22 and No man has ever moved toward me! I'm extremely tragic!
I don't think I am revolting and I am fit as a fiddle. I am at a normal tallness for a lady and I even gauge a little beneath normal for my stature. At times I get praises on my appearance and family companions continue inquiring as to whether I have a bf yet and when I disclose to them no they can't get why. Indeed, even one time my Uber driver inquired as to whether I had a bf and I said no, he was astonished and said I was alluring and he consoled me that I would discover somebody however no folks ever appear to be keen on me. Idk why I never get drew nearer on the off chance that I am not terrible. Individuals disclose to me commonly that I have a youthful looking face however should that prevent men from moving toward me?
Idk what to do about my nonexistent dating life. I have an inclination that I am practically am going to be perpetually alone despite the fact that I am not terrible and I don't have any physical imperfections. I won't move toward a person so kindly don't reveal to me that is the thing that I have to do.
I simply need the entirety of this to end, I may very well end everything.
what guidance do you have for HER?
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