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My [27F] husband [30M] keeps buying me expensive presents I don't want and I don't know how to approach the subject.


Dec. 02, 2019

Hey guys,
I'm not very good with words so this might be a bit messy, so I'll try and keep it simple. Me and my husband have been married 7 years. He has a habit of buying me very expensive gifts for the holidays. Yeah, I know, not really something people would complain about. Only thing is, we don't really have the kind of money he spends and it always puts us in a bind, he tends to hold the expensive gifts over my head (he'll always complain about how expensive I am and how he keeps going broke because of my expensive presents), and... they're almost always things I don't really want or like.
He got me a very nice TV one year that we ended up just letting our daughter use (I don't really EVER touch the TV in the first place, I don't really watch shows or movies or play games on consoles, I prefer handheld devices), an apple watch (other than the fact that I personally do not like apple at all whatsoever, I really have no use for an apple watch and have touched it maybe a handful of times), an expensive drawing tablet (I don't draw on pc, my phone is good for drawing and I just like doodling sometimes, not enough to justify it). I could keep going but I'm sure you get the gist of it.
Anyways, that aside, I always tell him about the stuff I DO want multiple times before the holidays because of that. I'll stress that all I'd REALLY like is XYZ, which is always a fraction of the price of whatever he gets. So far I've asked for a couple new books (I love to read), some new baking supplies, a blender (which I still very much want), one year I straight up told him I just wanted to go to this one restaurant that sounded really good and didn't need a physical present, he never took me but got me the apple watch. Now this year I wanted a new necklace (he accidentally threw mine away) and this nice bottle of perfume. Or I'd even be ok with just ONE of those. But apparently I'm getting a new iPad. In a color I don't like.
I really hope I'm not just being ungrateful here, I just... have no use for this fancy stuff. I literally never use it. And he always complains about it. I just want some nice, small, mostly inexpensive things. And I hate having to act all excited about something I know I'm not going to use simply because of how expensive it is.
Tl;dr husband keeps buying me very expensive gifts that I dont use. I really want small simple gifts, i don't like having to pretend I like these presents just because they're expensive, I don't know how to approach it with him.
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