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[20f] Last night with my boyfriend [21m] left a bad taste in my mouth. Did I do anything wrong?


Dec. 02, 2019

I had an argument with my boyfriend last night that leaves me not feeling great when I look back at it. Did I do something wrong?
My boyfriend Matt and I have been together for a year and a half, basically since I started college. Little arguments have been getting more common as we are finishing the semester and getting stressed about stuff, but last night felt especially unpleasant.
He was over at my apartment while I was working on a speech for one of my classes. He looked over my shoulder and saw what I was working on. He asked me why I was working on a speech due Thursday when I have another paper due Tuesday.
I just told him the essay would be easy enough to just do at work so Id rather work on the speech. He seemed to be upset and told me to put down the speech and take care of the essay that is due first.
I told him I knew what I was doing and I can handle my own homework. He got more upset and said that if I could handle my own homework I wouldn't have gotten behind this week.
That upset me a little and I asked him why he was so invested in it and he told me because if someone else isn't invested then I won't get anything done myself.
After that I just retreated to my room to try and do it in peace. Matt came back a few minutes later and laid with me and started kissing me and indicating he wanted to have sex. We did, I figured that was his way of making up.
By the time that was all done it was pretty late so I figured my speech was as done as it would get and I asked Matt if he could grab my stuffed animal from the chair for me.
He just said no, and when I asked why he said "Because you're a grown woman whining for a stuffed animal."
That really hurt my feelings so I got up and told him I'll just grab it myself.
He rolled his eyes at me and made a comment that I can't do homework on time and need a stuffed animal and he felt like he was dating a child.
I asked why he was being such a jerk and he said he wouldn't give me a hard time if I acted more mature.
We went to bed mad and this morning I just left early before we said anything to each other.
Before when we had fights we always got over them pretty quick, but I'm still upset by last night even today.
I havent heard from Matt at all and I have been waiting for him to apologize.
Did I do something wrong? I don't normally have a temper but I was really upset last night and I don't really know how I feel about him right now.
TL;DR : Boyfriend and I got in a fight about homework and stuffed animals last night. I dont know how I feel about him right now. Advice, please?
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