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My (18M) relationship with best friend (18F) is odd


Nov. 28, 2019

I’ve been best friends with this girl for 3 years now. She originally was interested in me but nothing came from that due to me being in a relationship. Despite that we became very close and even closer once I got out of my relationship.
She calls me everyday and is willing to ramble to me for hours. We are always giggling about something and it’s a great friendship all around. I never really thought I had feelings for her until late this summer when we had a sexual interaction started by intense emotion. That day I fearfully avoided having intercourse with her but we had a very intimate experience that made me realize how much I liked her.
We haven’t talked about that day much but she has said that she enjoyed it even though it was unexpected. I am really wanting to progress our friendship into something more but she hasn’t reciprocated. I figured she just doesn’t like me anymore but when I told her that I needed space to lose those feelings she wasn’t having it.
I recently confessed to her that I like her but she didn’t reciprocate but she also didn’t reject. She just said that what’s stopping her is that she doesn’t want to lose our friendship. I was bummed out but am also left confused because now she flirts with me, flashes me on video chat now, and has been asking me to smoke with her late at night. What should I do? I feel like I ruined the possibility of a normal friendship...
TL;DR : I don’t know if my best friend is into me
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