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I Sleep With Shatta Wale In My Dreams - Efia Odo

Gyasi Nimako

Nov. 16, 2019

The TV personality, Efia Odo has spoken concerning her hypothetical romantic relationship with Shatta Wale.
There have been viral reports that Efia Odo and Shatta Wale are lovers and they have been making love. But according to her, Shatta Wale is her best friend and that she sleeps with him in her mind because he is a great guy.
Efia made this known in an interview when questioned if she’s sleeping with Shatta Wale, she replied, “Of course I am, in my mind. No, I’m not.” “We’re just friends, guys. I sleep with him in my mind because he’s just a great guy.”
The host asked for elucidation on whether both are friends with benefits and she said “no benefits, just friends. In my mind there are benefits.”
Though previously it has been reported how Shatta Wale fell in love with Efia Odo when he celebrated his birthday on October 17, 2019.
As he celebrated his birthday, many of Shatta Wale's celebrity friends took to social media to celebrate him on his special day.
Taking to her Instagram page, Efia Odo shared a photo of herself and Shatta Wale standing in a bathroom. Efia Odo's birthday message caught SHatta Wale's attention and he replied by expressing his love for the actress.
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