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Fall-Inspired Creative Exercise: 12 Writing & Journaling Prompts


Nov. 07, 2019

Writing is my favorite creative therapy.
Back in July, we dove into summer-inspired creativity exercises . I thought it’d be fun to maybe try this each season? Take a look at some fall-inspired creative exercises?
Or, perhaps just one for this season. With it being November, hundreds of thousands of writers are in the thick of NaNoWriMo 2019 .
(Sadly, I’m not participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, but it’s only because I have another super exciting thing going on from which I genuinely cannot divert my attention…but I digress.)
Plus, writing is a perfect creative exercise for fall (and winter)!
So, in the spirit of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys), let’s dedicate our fall-inspired creativity to creative writing and journaling! I’ve listed several writing prompts you can use for starting short stories, coming up with ideas for poems, fleshing out novel outlines, entries in your own private journal, or even songwriting.
Write about…
…the smoke preventing you from seeing what’s ahead. …what you would sacrifice if it meant achieving your dream. …a parent who begins seeing traits from a family member’s or their own personality in their child — and the terror that causes them. …the last time you visited your childhood home. …how you feel when you’re desperately in love with someone who doesn’t know. …the one thing about you that you don’t think anyone has ever understood. …an overheard conversation. …two people who see each other for the first time. …having a terrible sense of direction and always getting lost. …hearing your doorbell, answering, and finding nothing but an intricately decorated envelope on your welcome mat. …the time you saw the beauty in the most hideous of situations. …your comeback.
What’s ahead, and what’s the smoke really ? When you last visited your childhood home, had you even left? Are you always getting lost in the world, or in your head?
Have fun with these! Feel free to drop your own prompts in the comments, or share some of your favorite ways to come up with writing ideas!
Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash .
Fall-Inspired Creative Exercise: 12 Writing & Journaling Prompts
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