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A Spoopy Day in Virginia City, Nevada


Nov. 07, 2019

Several weekends ago a group of friends came to visit us here in Reno.
We all decided to invade Virginia City, our local mining-old-west-tourist town, with the general costume theme of "spoopy" (a meme-generated misspelling of "spooky").
We had bustles, Edwardians, 1920s, 1930s, punk rock Victorians, Camille Clifford, time witches, and a whole lotta fun exploring the town. Here are a few photos...
Photos are by... Nicole - @silk_and_buckram Chrissy - @thelacedangel Lauren M - @madamedestroyer Vivien - @freshfrippery (and me)
I pulled out my 1880s wool and velvet bustle gown, a perfect choice for the very temperate weather and dirty venue. This gown isn't perfect, and it's undergone one size alteration already, but I really like it and enjoy wearing it, despite the weight.
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